No more working long hours and week ends. Employ Bots!

Let the bots do all those repetitive mundane tasks. So you can do more important things that directly impact your bottomline!

Meet BOB!

Our “Bot for Business”. Bob’s appetite for repetitive work is endless and he always wants more!

What is BOB a.k.a Bot for Business?

BOB is a software robot that lives in your computer, thats right, its not C-3PO or Optimus Prime sitting in front of a laptop!

BOB works just like one of your employees, interacting with the user interfaces of your existing applications and carrying out business processes it has been trained in, automatically.

BOB belongs to the Robotic Process Automation a.k.a RPA family.

  • available 24/7; never sleeps
  • doesn’t take breaks or get bored!
  • makes no mistakes
  • works 3x faster
  • documents all work meticulously
  • Benefits of using BOB

    Cost reduction

    No changes to existing
    systems and
    integrations needed

    Increased productivity

    Improved service delivery

    Higher quality & Consistent results

    Rapid ROI &

    See BOB in action

    Bob works just like one of your employees, interacting with the user interfaces of your existing applications and carrying out business processes it has been trained in, automatically.

    Perfect process for BOB


    Processes that follow a clearly defined structure are a great fit for automation. Helps Bob to follow the steps easily!


    Repetitive processes are a great fit for Bob. Automation of such processes provide higher cost benefits and rapid ROI!

    Rule Based

    Rule based processes are a great fit for automation. Once bob gets trained in these rules, Bob will know exactly what to do and when!

    Low Exceptions

    High exception rate means more training required for Bob. Longer implementation time hence more time for ROI! Lower the exception rate the better!

    Example processes that BOB can do

    • Access websites and process data from any website accessible via your web browser
    • Access, post and analyse social media
    • Open emails and process attachments
    • Creating and delivering invoices
    • Bank statement reconciliation
    • Daily P&L preperation
    • Payroll automation
    • Trade execution
    • Claims processing
    • Staright through customer order processing
    • Extract data and create periodic reports
    • Data migration and data cleansing; Copy, paste and move data
    • Data validation
    • Login to and operate systems, e.g. login to customer relationship management(CRM) systems, create new accounts, create and attach invoices and any other activity you can using the system
    • Read and process information from multiple systems
    • Extract information from structured documents such as PDF, scanned documents, Word documents etc
    • Create PDF, Word documents, Excel sheets etc

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are these physical robots?
    No. These are software robots residing inside your computer mimicking the clicking, typing, reading and making decisions same as humans.
    How long will it take to automate a process?

    3-6 weeks depending on the number of systems and complexity of the process

    Does it require system changes?

    No system changes required. The bot will work with any existing system the way it is.

    I am using an application that is specific to my industry. Will the bot work with that system?
    Yes, the bot will work with any system a human interacts with using the computer.
    Our company uses legacy systems. Will the bot work?
    Yes, the bots can work with legacy systems. Most of the Banks rely on legacy systems built more than 40 years ago. Banks are now using bots to connect these legacy systems with modern web based systems.
    Can these bots replace humans?
    No. While most processes can be automated bots are not smart enough to make cognitive decisions like humans yet.

    About Us

    EmployBots provides intelligent process automation services. We are a disruptive technology startup which was started to help small to medium businesses to leverage intelligent automation to become cheaper, faster and better so they have an upper hand over their competition.

    Our expertise is in identifying and implementing process improvements that will free up employees so they can do more higher value tasks that directly impact the bottomline, using software robots (a.k.a Robotic Process Automation) and other technologies.

    We do this by analysing the services you provide, the processes you follow to deliver those services, the systems and software you use and the workflow with in your organisation. We then identify solutions to make your processes easier, quicker and much more efficient.

    We have over 15 years of experience improving businesses across Small to Medium businesses, Financial services, Banking, Call Centers, Recruitment and more.

    Call 0402 524 182 to find out how software robots and EmployBots can help your business.

    Our Approach

    Step 1:Process Identification

    We work with you to identify processes within your organisation that are ripe for automation.

    Step 2: Document & Prioritise

    We will document the process in minute detail and get it approved by you. We will work with you to identify cost benefits and prioritise the list of processes so Bob can be trained.

    Step 3: Bob’s Training

    We teach BOB a.k.a our Bot for Business your unique way of doing things. We will test Bob’s knowledge comprehensively so its ready to work!

    Step 4: Go Live

    BOB gets to work…You and your team are free to work on more interesting and strategic projects that set you apart from your competitors.

    Contact Us


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    Williams Landing,
    VIC 3027 Australia

    MOBILE: 0402 524 182

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